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花园里盛开着什么的月季花?有秀丽、艳丽,应该是那一个? 1.这块花园的实际面积是多少?2.如果每平方米栽2棵月季花,这块花园能栽月季花多少棵?都要方程 you,did,have,lunch?,when 连成一个句子 1.A:( )time do you have lunch?B:I usually have lunch at 12.A.Where B.What C.When 满分:2 分2.A:Hello,Linda,how are you?B:( ).A.Very good.Are you good?B.Very well,thank you.And you?C.Hello,Rose,how do you do?满分:2 分3.Polly enjoys ( )in a ba I read over twenty English novels last year.改为同义句 用动词的适当形式填空 When do you usually have lunch?I usu用动词的适当形式填空 When do you usually have lunch?I usually_______(have)lunch. The Smiths usually have lunch at home at__? 不但你去过北京,而且她也去过. Not only you _________________ to Beijing. have lunch at home问号处填什么 英语翻译:到北京时,请给我打电话.when you ------- ------ beijing ,please------me .l______have lunch at home.第四个是E 共五个字母. Our English teacher is going to london next week改为同义句 Susan and her sister usually have lunch at home 的同义句是什么 our teacher is going to fishing next weekend这句话对吗?不是be going to do 吗 花有哪些成语 要怎么知道自己的英语单词词汇量是多少呢...有没有什么好的词汇量测试软件应用什么的,求推荐~ 花成语有哪些 如何才能测试有多少词汇量 we have lunch inthe__.do you have a__?yes,we read books in it.pint in the __.is this your__?yes,iplay football onit .playgrond canteen libraary office art room tv room.以上六个单词,选着填在空里. ___ the moring of September 10th,we are going to give our teacher some flowers 空里填什么介词 急咋都不一样啊!到底是甚? 英语When (what)is the best time to come to Beijing?When (what)is the best time to come to Beijing?为什么when和what都能用? 用适当的介词填空 what flowers are you going to look( have you taken your medicine yes,i_took__ it after lunch what are you going to do ________the vacation?填什么介词?一般情况下都是没加the 的,on vacation for vacation when is the best time to go to Beijing? 介词填空 What ___going to the cinema at the weekend. have you had lunch?yes.i had good dinne.选项 A:a,a B:your,a 为社么? 你是什么时候到达北京的?When do you ___ ___ Beijing? 英语翻译.1.他将带我们参观北京.He is going to ___ us ___Beijing. We`ll go to see our science teacher tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句) We are going to see our teacher . 对see our teacher 提问 We are going to see our teacher改为疑问句,our是要怎么变化?